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Kim Harrison, MA, CCC-SLP

Kim is a speech and language pathologist and orofacial myofunctional therapist with 20 plus years of experience working with children.  She has a unique knowledge base that looks at the child as a “whole”.  She combines sensory based and speech-language treatment techniques to provide a holistic approach to treatment of children within the umbrella term of Pervasive Development Disorder (PDD) ranging from Asperger’s to Autism.  Kim utilizes this approach to treatment with children who have articulation, language processing, receptive and expressive language difficulties, and apraxia/dyspraxia difficulties.


Kim enjoys teaching professionals and parents in basic communication and language processing skills for both typical and non-typical developing children.  She believes it is as important to educate the families and care-takers on how to easily carry over these skills at home.  She utilizes play-based techniques to not only make the lessons fun, but create connections that allow children success in their speech and language development.

Kim has a Bachelor of Science (1995) and Masters of Arts degree (1998) in speech and language pathology from Western Michigan University.

  • Nationally certified member – Certificate of Clinical Competence – American Speech-Language Association (ASHA)

  • Licensed Speech Language Pathologist, State of Wisconsin

  • Play and Language for Autistic Youngsters (P.L.A.Y.) Project consultant

  • Certification track in Orofacial Myology-IAOM

  • Infant tongue tie assessment

  • Infant tongue tie pre and post-operative therapy

  • Identification and treatment of feeding difficulties for toddlers and children

  • Identification for infant dysfunction of the central nervous system and treatment to change the course of development through the senses

  • Support ideas for nursing mothers and strategies for improving pre-speech development

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