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Candy Cotton

Infant and Toddler Suck Retraining and Feeding

 How do I know when to bring my infant or toddler in for feeding and  swallowing services?

*Difficulty latching onto the bottle or breast for infant feedings

*Clicking noise when nursing  

*Pain with nursing/mastitis/cracked and bleeding nipples 

*Duration of bottle feeds, breastfeeding, or mealtime exceeds 30 minutes
*Infant consistently pushes the nipple out from mouth or seems stressed                             out upon presentation of the bottle or during feedings.
*Moderate or significant liquid loss during bottle or breastfeeding
*Persistent poor weight gain, or weight loss
*Infant fatigues easily and cannot remain alert during bottle or                                             breastfeeding
*Infant feeds frequently
*Difficulty transitioning from bottle or breastfeeding to solid foods
*Gagging, choking, or coughing prior to or during breast and bottle feeds                         or with liquid or solid foods during mealtimes.

*Colic and reflux
*Range of foods in repertoire is restricted to less than 20 different foods at                        18 months of age or older

*Avoidance of entire categories of food types or textures
*Difficulty chewing foods, pocketing (holding food in cheeks) or spitting                            out foods
*Difficulty drinking liquids from an open cup by the age of 18 months

*Difficulty drinking from straws
*Persistently reported by parent as a picky eater
*Mealtime is very stressful for infant, child and/or parents; infant or child                             may consistently cry or ‘fall apart’ upon presentation of the bottle, breast                       or solid food.

*Difficulty transitioning to solids

*Difficulty with self feeding

*If your child was diagnosed with a tongue or lip tie

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