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Jennie LaFreniere-Herklotz, M.A., CCC-SLP, COM, Founder and Director


Jennie has over 20 years of experience providing evaluations, therapy, and consultations to children and adolescents with speech and language disorders, as well as evaluation and treatment of orofacial myofunctional disorders for children and adults. She holds a bachelor’s degree in Speech Pathology and Audiology from Miami University in Oxford, OH, and a master’s degree in Speech and Hearing Sciences from Indiana University in Bloomington, IN. She owned a successful pediatric private practice in Washington DC for over 12 years, and recently returned to the Milwaukee area. Jennie has experience working in the public-school systems, early intervention, private practice, as well as with private preschools and elementary schools. Jennie is a member of the American Speech and Hearing Association (ASHA), the American Academy of Private Practice in Speech Pathology and Audiology (AAPPSPA), where she is on the Board of Directors, the International Association of Orofacial Myology (IAOM), and holds her Certificate of Clinical Competence. She is licensed to practice Speech-Language therapy in the state of Wisconsin. Jennie remains an avid learner in the field and stays up to date on the latest theories and treatments that are available and was awarded her ACE (Award for Continuing Education) from ASHA. She is a Certified Orofacial Myologist, and is trained in PROPMT, OPT, and ABLC, and has completed continuing education courses in fluency disorders, Apraxia, Dysarthria, Social Thinking, voice disorders, accent reduction and oral motor therapy. Jennie is the only Speech-Language Pathologist in the greater Milwaukee area that is certified to treat Orofacial Myofunctional Disorders. Jennie also offers a Thumb sucking elimination program.





"Ms. Jennie has an amazing ability to connect with children of all ages and abilities. She is wonderful at establishing behavioral boundaries, balanced with flexibility, which is so vital to working with children. As a Pediatric Nurse and a parent, I recognize that this a rare and special quality and is a big part of what makes Ms. Jennie such a wonderful Speech Therapist. My daughter loved her weekly sessions with Ms. Jennie! My daughter has gone from barely speaking, to effectively communicating with all of her teachers and friends. We give the credit for this transformation completely to Ms. Jennie!"   - K.D.


"Our family has been immensely happy to work with Jennie: her professional attitude, her incredibly friendly yet firm approach toward working with our son, as well as diligent follow-up on areas to be developed –including through tasks to be carried out in the home environment –have greatly contributed to Aron' s speech development and enabled him to catch up with his peers by kindergarten age."   - S.K.

"We feel so blessed to have been referred to Jennie! My son enjoyed his sessions with her so much he couldn't wait to go!!!! He has made such strides in his speech; we couldn't be happier! He honesty couldn't have done it without her since no one else was trained to recognize his specialized situation. She is an incredibly gifted therapist, and I am so thankful we found her!!!!!" - K.J.


"From helping our daughter learn to speak, to helping her develop that speech socially and in the classroom, we watched Jennie transform life for our daughter. Jennie has always been a knowledgeable, compassionate and diligent counselor for our whole family. Jennie is a wonderful speech therapist who always went above and beyond to work on solutions to help our daughter. She is the person we relied on to help us push our daughter while also giving her support and building her confidence. Jennie can always be counted on."  - T.C. & T.C.


"Jennie was instrumental during the kindergarten preparation phase. Jennie had written a speech evaluation to Lucy's IEP team which helped Lucy a great deal. With Jennie's specific speech recommendations, Lucy was able to get the needed speech curriculum and time that is required for her skill level. The IEP team accepted Jennie's proposal quickly because Jennie is well known and respected by the public school system and community. Jennie is not only a skilled speech therapist but a loving and patient teacher. Lucy is very lucky to have had Jennie as her therapist."   - M.L.


"Jennie effectively diagnosed and treated my daughter’s myofunctional disorder, missed by previous evaluators.  She corrected not only my daughter’s speech, but the development of her mouth and face by observing signs of enlarged adenoids.  She worked closely with my daughter’s ENT and her school, addressing my daughter’s treatment with a fully-integrated medical and learning approach that has produced clearer speech and breathing for my child."  

- K.E.

"Jennie has made an amazing connection with my son. He was always a child that struggled to communicate with adults, but he trusts her and looks forward to his sessions with her. She has a unique balance of being able to utilize a child's strengths and interests to help build on a child's weakness. Our child always found his sessions fun and never asked us when he wouldn't have to go anymore. Jennie is professional, knowledgeable, and goal orientated. She helps keep myself and my husband focused on our child's progress and not get overwhelmed where he struggles. She is super communicative and collaborative. We always know what she's working on and how we can work on his skills at home. Our son's school was highly impressed with her professionalism, accommodations, and follow through with services for our son. She provides comprehensive services for a variety of areas. She was able to help our child with receptive, expressive, and social skills. She has given him a confidence in the classroom and out with his friends that we haven't seen in years!  I have learned so much about Speech and Language from her!" -N.S.

"Jennie provided excellent speech therapy services for my son. She administered formal evaluations to assess his needs and developed a detailed plan in order to improve his speech articulation and language abilities. Jennie also listened to my concerns and worked with me to address the needs of my son. My son also loved working with Jennie as she provided a comfortable and caring environment for him during his therapy sessions." - B.L.

"Jennie Herklotz has been a breath of fresh air after a recent move to Wisconsin! The process of searching for a Speech Therapist in a new area was a challenge.  Luckily, we received a referral from Linda Mood Bell Learning Processes (LMB). Our son was diagnosed with an Auditory Processing Disorder, which causes challenges for speech, reading, writing and memory. Jennie met with our son and family before the initial weekly sessions. She is very outgoing, personable and accommodating to our son’s needs (auditory, speech, language & writing). She has a great network of colleagues throughout the U.S. who offer solutions to many different scenarios such as homework assistance and IEP accommodations. Jennie has worked with our team of professionals within the school district and through LMB. She shows a genuine concern for our son and our family is very pleased to have her part of our son’s journey."  -V.S.

"After the first visit, I feel optimistic about my child’s situation. It might be one of the best things I could do for her. I’m so impressed with the approach." -Review on Square 

"I thank you for sharing your professional expertise with me today.  You were so generous with your time and shared knowledge.  I came away with a much greater awareness and base of understanding.  I cannot thank you enough.  It is through sessions like today that more referrals will come forward.  Thanks again for a delightful and relaxed learning opportunity.  You are terrific!!" - S.E., Speech-Language Pathologist

"Jennie has a very positive personality and demonstrates a high level of professionalism in her day-to-day dealings with everyone at the school. She went above and beyond by maintaining a high level of collaboration with the teachers. In all things she did, she was very gracious. The students in her care progressed in their speech and language and she was trusted by the parents of our school because she was excellent and genuinely caring. She will be missed."  

- Daniel Baillargeon, Principal of St. Louis Catholic School in Alexandria, VA

"Jennie presented a wonderful workshop which was well attended. She received positive feedback from all who attended."  - Jeanne Jones, Director of St. Andrew's Preschool in Burke, VA

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