We are now seeing patients in-office and are also offering teletherapy for speech/language, OT, and myofunctional patients where appropriate


In the interest of reopening the office, and following guidelines set forth by the CDC and ASHA (American Speech-Language-Hearing Association), we will institute the following measures.  We encourage patients use teletherapy where appropriate.


  • Therapists will verbally screen patients before visit

  • Any patient who has had any symptoms of illness, and especially a fever, within the previous 2 weeks will not be able to book or keep any in-office visits scheduled

  • Therapists and Staff must be fever free for 3 days before returning to work

  • Only one therapist and patient will be allowed onsite at the same time

  • Only one caregiver per patient may attend the session; please no families

  • The waiting room is closed; please arrive, masked, at the exact time of your scheduled session

  • Additional Caregivers can watch sessions via Face Time on their phone or iPad from their car

  • Therapists, patients and caregivers will be required to wash hands before and after visits (public restroom just outside office door) … hand sanitizer is not a replacement for hand washing

  • Once in therapist's office, patients will not be required to wear a mask due to the nature of the therapy

  • Caregivers must wear a mask; therapists will wear gloves and a face shield

  • Sessions will be scheduled with breaks for proper sanitation

  • Therapist's offices will be set up with the bare minimum of furniture and equipment and only items that can be easily sanitized will be used during therapy

  • Any patient who has had exposure to CV19 will only be seen via teletherapy

  • Any patient or caregiver infected will require a medical note to return, with negative test results and a minimum of 14 days after recovery in order to enter the facility

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